Oh the Southwest. I never get tired of living in Arizona and traveling to Utah. Here I share the sculptural delights with a bit of hiking news! Even a Femdom needs a vacation and it was pretty amazing!

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Mexican Hat near Monument Valley Utah

This Mexican Hat “sculpture” on the right is in Mexican Hat, Utah just outside of Monument Valley. In Kayenta we had Navajo tacos at Two Amigos, a restaurant that “rubber pussy boy” recommended. Now off to Capitol Reef and Goblin Valley.

Ms Cassandra's Awesome SW Pics

Goblin Valley State Park


Next pic is from Goblin Valley Park in Utah. outside of Hanksville where we stayed. The best burritos right across the street at Outlaw’s Roost and I got the room with the jacuzzi. The park features mushroom shaped hoodoos for those who love alien landscapes.

Ms Cassandra's Awesome SW Pics

Goblin Valley 2



Up the road 12 miles from Hanksville in Wayne County Utah is “The 6,320 foot Monolith that towers over the San Rafael Desert and harbors pockets of protected cactus” is Factory Butte. Somewhere in the vicinity is a spier called “Long Dong Silver” but we were unable to find it. Supposedly it looks otherworldly glowing in silver-type metals that look like a scene out of Startrek. Maybe next time we will plan to find it.


Ms Cassandra's Awesome SW Pics

Factory Butte


In the next post I will include some photos of Capital Reef. Because of time constraints, Leprechaun Canyon took a miss. It’s in Glen Canyon on the way to Bear’s Ears and Monument Valley. Leprechaun Canyon is a slot canyon with challenging technical trails to hike through. Rain was forecasted for the day and we didn’t want to experience flash floods.

This is a short but sweet post to alert all who missed me that I am back. My brother and fiance will be leaving soon and I will be available more in the next few days. I hope you enjoyed  “Ms Cassandra’s awesome SW Pics”. To those interested, more to come. Stay kinky, stay cool.

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