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November 2018
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Mummification : Encased and Chaste

Mummification is a captivity fetish I have written about before. It has many sides to it, materials and preferences. This essay is about what I have practiced , and it can get really creative with found material either bought or pervertable. Chastity confinement with mummification is always preferred.


Mummification : Encased and Chaste: Ms Cassandra

I like saran wrap especially for mummification. Order large size online in a variety of colors. Most important is medical scissors first. You will need them to remove the binding material. Saran wrap with bondage tape is especially creative. There is a lot of decoration with this tape which comes in colors too. I love the sissy pink choice with black sheer saran wrap. I like everything wrapped but the feet. Leave the feet free so you can dress them up in high heels. A shiny metal cock cage under the wrap is sexy. Cut around the wrap and expose the cage for electroplay or other play of choice. The mouth is sometimes exposed for lipstick or a ball gag , the eyes stay covered for a distorted view. Wrap the arms separate from the body, then bind together in the end. Holes cut out on the nose always.

Mummification : Encased and Chaste: Ms Cassandra

Some prefer complete encasement with a vac-bed which has a device which vacuums out the air. Nose tubes, zippers for cock, mouth, eyes, ass all included. Perfect for sensory deprivation using headphones and music. This is a scary device, so watch your submissive VERY carefully.

A complete rubber suit with face area zipped closed. Consider this: completely encased and sweating, hoisted up with rope left to hang in suspension. Mistress has full control over the outer zipper to play with you as she likes. Zippers on the suit provide entry ways for nipple clamps, CBT devices, gags, and anal plugs. The music should of course be German Industrial.

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4 comments to Mummification : Encased and Chaste

  • Mistress Amber

    I always enjoy hearing about new and kinky things that can be shared with our subs! It’s always fun to spice things up and try something different. Happy I found this blog today to learn a little something!

  • Great post Ms Cassandra! I I’ll never forget the first vac bed I ever saw at a play party — I was like WTF is THAT …. OMG OMG OMG ….talk about full control! Erotic Mummification or a vac bed combined with a chastity device …. well …. that’s a perfect combination! OH and the German industrial music is great for scene music!

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