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November 2018
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Nancy Boi Ashley Does A Deep One

A Nancy Boi By Any Other Name Would Still Be A Sissy Slut

Nancy boi Ashley was once sissy ashley. (I think every Mistress here knows her) Not anymore since she got her brand new dress that has a logo “nancy boi”.  Good times early this week with this little slut on Skype showing me her brand new collection of sissy spring wear, huge fat dildo, and her new toy ass anchor. Amazon has a three piece masters series called the performance anal anchor which is the ultimate in butt plug training. The plug unfolds like a flower and expands, needing no pump. It is very efficient and very comfortable, but I did see ashley a bit uncomfortable. That’s why I recommend the master’s series, to break in slowly.

Nancy Boi Ashley Does A Deep One: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

A Ten Inch Dildo Came Out Of The Toy Bag

Along for the ride was a 10″ dildo that nancy boi sucked and deep throated expertly and voraciously, two times for me because I insisted to see the deed another time. She did it at such an angle with a selfie stick, I so wished I could post it. This performance was all for getting ready for her real man date this weekend, a tall muscular and big dicked male. Tonight ashley was begging for small penis humiliation and of course sissy humiliation.

Big Dildo Recommendations For Another Slut, Please

So then, a boy of mine was asking about brands of dildos in the 10 to 10 1/2 inch range. I told him to check the comments  for recommendations because I know the dildo dudes will chime in with the biggest baddest dildos. If they don’t, Mistress will be very disappointed. So do it, boys and bois and make me and my sissy slut soon to be in a 24 hour chastity run, happy!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


6 comments to Nancy Boi Ashley Does A Deep One

  • Sissy Ashley or Nancy boi ashley is the BEST and funniest sissy! EVERY true sissy needs that anal anchor … and that new special spring outfit collection is perfect for that nanci boi. I love that she showed her her cocksucking skills and on a 10 inch dildo no less. SUCK IT sissy!

  • Nancy Boi ashley sounds like a good little slut in training.I am sure she is enjoying getting her sissy hole stretched. The only suggestion I have about dildos is to get an extremely realistic one. Okay, I think there is also a “Latin King” that is very nice. There is always Google to help find the best toy cocks out there too 🙂

  • Ecock

    I believe the “King Cock” one is a good realistic one.

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