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November 2018
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National Lockup Day?

A Sissy Collection

A Sissy Collection

Great Sissy Wear

New Boy Two aka “sissy boi mer mer”, mer for short sent me some awesome pix of her collection. Eventually more will go up. Last night on her call, after 6 days of chastity and orgasm denial, the decision to let her cum was up to the dice. Three guesses and all three lost. Not all was lost though, on cam I ordered her to ruin her orgasm and that was a complete success. A ruined orgasm is better than no orgasm, but some of you will disagree…too bad! I then ordered her to send photos of her sissy girlie wear, all laid out on the bed…ummm a MADE bed that is. She got 20 of the best with a paddle for presenting herself in front of Mistress with an unmade bed in the background. One week in strict chastity as of now has been ordered. The 20th will determine what happens.

Mer’s Assignments For The Week

Mer’s week assignment: continue the butt plug training working up to the large one. Work up to 30 min daily with the clover clamps. Practice dildo sucking for one hour a day. Pictures of locked cock every single day with panties on. Next week we will use those clothespins, so be sure to have a dozen at least.

Mer Mer's Faggy Collection

Mer Mer’s Faggy Collection

The Pool Boy Gets A Break

The pool boy is away until tomorrow, in strict chastity, that’s newboy begging for a new name. I could have given him “dog paddle” be grateful. The Proctor will not be changed as the geek took long enough to work on this. If you want personal attention with the kink you mentioned, we will have plenty of time for that on calls since you wont be out of town for a few weeks. You get to play with The Proctor while in town after all, and some of the time you will be cage free.

Jealous? Too Bad!

Oh and I have run out of time to talk about Matt. Perhaps I’ll make a tease audio and post it tomorrow? Let’s just say that things have gotten more erotic and kinky especially after last weekend.

Chastity Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

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