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October 2018
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New Year Orgasm Denial Agenda

Your New Year Orgasm Denial or CumFest

New year orgasm denial agenda? What if I say you get to cum if you have been in orgasm denial for me for months. What if I just decide to tease and deny for a few more days. Do you like sexual surprises or the exact answer with no spontaneity. Chances are it has been decided already through negotiation but then again, I won’t be working when the bell tolls midnight either.

New Year Orgasm Denial Agenda: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Cock Goals

It’s time for you to decide your goals for 2018 in the cock control area of the upcoming year. Shall I decide chastity training for you or do you want masturbation management and cumming each time. This is a good place to reflect on the third agreement “Don’t make assumptions”.

The Third Agreement

We swear that what we assume is real. We assume what others think or do and take it personally without even knowing what they think or feel. Much blame without knowing goes into making assumptions, and much power gets lost in the mix. As you can tell by now I am all about personal power and preserving it for the benefit of health and peace of mind.

A good example of this is a Mistress does not hear from her orgasm denied boy for more than a few days. Some may think he has gone renegade and had a private stroking session with plenty of cum to eat. I wouldn’t assume that because sometimes we have to take care of business. If a boy is designated at a certain time to send emails, then he may just have done that. If not, no assumptions should be made. There is internet, family, anything could be possible. This of course works in reverse. Making assumptions will cause so many gaps in online communication. It’s online and don’t assume perfection. So they all lead back to the first agreement of being impeccable with your word.

Happy New Year!
Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

10 comments to New Year Orgasm Denial Agenda

  • Ecock

    Dear Mistress,
    I don’t know what goals to make honestly. I know I love cumming. But Mistress knows best so I am at a loss. Should Mistress do Chasity training, should Mistress choose to do a masturbation management,or should Mistress feminize me and make me a cum slut? What goal would Mistress decide?

    • Mistress Cassandra

      Mistress will do this: As I instructed, you will be broken in slowly, so you will edge until Saturday and cum. You will save it in the freezer. You will wear panties every day. After Saturday you will have more instruction, and it will be masturbation management. I think chastity is in your future.
      Don’t forget 3x a week check ins.

      • Ecock

        Yes Mistress,
        I am grateful that you have allowed me to serve you and that you are my new owner. I hope I can meet your expectations. I do like to complete assignments for Mistress. Chasity equals Dildo Riding, am I right?

        • Mistress Cassandra

          Yes. Once ready for chastity, if ever, ( chastity is like some foods and does not agree with some) dildo riding will not go away.

      • Tom

        Miss Cassandra, Thank you for taking the time to be on a call with me and my beautiful Mistress Erika. You were so sexy and so hot! If Mistress Erika allows me I will certainly want to talk with you again. Tom

        • Mistress Cassandra

          It was certainly my pleasure 🙂

          • Tom

            Miss Cassandra, My Mistress Erika gave me permission to call you if I became h…… while she was away. I NEED you! I went to the fish market and have oysters on the half shell ready!!! Tom

          • Mistress Cassandra

            Oh poor boy! I will get an email for calls sooner, do that next time and save the grovelling for here…:)
            Anyways I will be on for calls in about an hour.

          • Tom

            Miss Cassandra, I will put the open oysters on a silver plate. Tom

  • Ecock

    Dear Mistress,
    I like reading this agreements.

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