Masturbation May Will Be No Masturbation May For Some

There will be no Masturbation May for fuckie fag boi. I have decided to put it in a no gooning zone. He will definitely be tranced but in a feminized way. Trance audios are sent his way with a focus on feminization affirmations and trigger words. Gooning is only reserved for strokers who become entranced while jerking off, putting them in a deep meditation somewhat. Just this morning ffb emailed that it woke up in a delightful state of limp dickery.

No Masturbation May For FFB: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

The Noogleberry proves To Work If You Have Patience And Endurance

I was delighted that the fag has graduated from a B cup to a DD cup using “the monster dome” by Noogleberry. The dome looks like a cake cover, I will have fuckie photo the dome again without the mayo jar. La fag was so ebullient at arriving to a DD cup that it ordered a sexy black lace bra from Agent Provocateur in it’s new size. Obsessive noogling has proved that anything is possible. The absolute goal is GG. Can you do it?

Words Used In Trance Are Powerful Tools To Control A Sissy Slut

Pink, Lavender, Peach, Panties, Cum trigger words will float mercilessly in ffb’s brain. Listening to these words among others will remind it that there will be no masturbation may for this slut.. Besides, it never completed the assignment I ordered last time. I ordered it to board a train to Amsterdam and go to the Blue Light district to suck some TG cock. It chickened out but the clock is ticking and the assignment must be addressed for the satisfaction of Mistress.

No Masturbation May For FFB: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Masturbation May Is By Far The Best LDW Month For Happy Strokers And The Happy Denied

Masturbation May is one of my favorite months here on LDW. I just had a first-time cum eating caller who did his absolute best to finally eat his cum without hanging up. So many boys want to but cannot. After the orgasm the thrill fades and it’s back to business. New and creative things pop up during this month! The stroke pet discovered his new shower routine of taking a shower with Mistress. The last 5-10 minutes is devoted to taking a shower after the intensive hour-long stroking session.

Skype Watching: Get Your Settings In Place Before You Do A Call So As Not To Waste Time Fiddling With The Program

Watching on Skype is a great tool for those who love to exhibit. It seems to work best with a laptop computer. If a cell phone is used , it’s often hard to set it up easily. The stroke pet will need to work out the program before we can do that, so this is his assignment. To be visible on Skype while he is in the shower and be able to talk as well. This way I can see that he is not stroking in the shower. When the shower starts, it is considered no masturbation may zone.

Who Likes Mastrurbation May

No Masturbation May is for boys in the chastity cage, or in strict denial. Masturbation May is for boys who want to stroke with endless possibilities, especially edging, ruined orgasms, tease and please. What do I like? What all Femdom like: orgasm denial..
No Masturbation May For FFB: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Fuckie’s Audio And For All Sissies

So, fuckie fag boi, Listen to this trance audio on your headset as you drift off to sleep tonight. Be ready for tomorrow’s call with this sample in mind. Wear pink panties or lavender. Think of all the cum you will eat just for me. Think about new and novel words that make your little clit quiver. Wear your new bra and marvel at your DD’s