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October 2018
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Orgasm Denial Days Are Adding Up

Orgasm Denial Choices

Orgasm denial;  some in the chastity cage, free range, occasional denied strokers, and all the rest. No one is held above the rest. Stroking pleasure and non stroking pleasure has it’s place. FFB is now in her 105th day in chastity. Sissy donna is back in training after I dismissed her for too many infractions, now 2 days but she can reach far. I can see her going for a few years at least. You must really love chastity training to be able to continue for so long, regardless of the talents of Mistress. Boys can falter until they get the itch again. New rule: You do not get to cum before going in the cage. I don’t care if you have denied yourself for weeks. If a boy cums before a lockup, chances are he is done. We all know what orgasms do to the male brain.

Orgasm Denial Days Are Adding Up: 1-800-730-7164


the Imaginary Cage

Stroke pets are brave of course, having their cock at their disposal. Sometimes they falter in moments of weakness. Try again I say, like one boy I train, made it to 2 months. We now try again. Each edge gets easier. Cock control becomes like any other demanding exercise.

Adding Spice

Masturbation games and edging phone sex keep the spice in the call. Adding fantasy and role play is the perfect storm. Sometimes a cum eating session is in order for those who feel like they need to pay for the right to cum. It can be a deal breaker for many, so I never insist on it. It is a specialty.

Orgasm denial, chastity, cock control, masturbation management, tease and please (when specified) are some of my favorite things. Extended stroking for hours with toys and instruction is high on my list too.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


4 comments to Orgasm Denial Days Are Adding Up

  • It is an advanced submissive who has disciplined himself to be denied with only an imaginary cage to keep him faithful to Mistress. Of course, it is also to his Mistress’ credit that he’s so committed to her satisfaction that he keeps his promises to her!

    • Mistress Cassandra

      Unfortunately this boy slipped one out after a call. I admire his honesty but not his lack of discipline. So we start again till he gets it right 🙂

  • Ecock

    Dear Mistress,
    I am wondering what the claim is that orgasms do to the male brain. I can honestly tell you, that since I have begun my time with LDW and orgasm denial, I have not been able to focus nearly as well as I was able to when I was not in denial.
    Sissy Nikki

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