Panty Boost is a way for the sissy bitch to “snap out of it”. Give a listen to this audio.


Panty boost is what Mistress enforces for sissies who are on the brink of purge. Oh we know when that is going on. The faraway looks, the ho hum boredom. Sissies tend to get moody because they are not real girls and not real men either. Mistress uses a blend of strict enforcement and compassion, mostly strict. Too much compassion dished out makes for a whiny little sissy bitch in need of a not too hard bitch slap, and an order to “warrior-ess up”!

Bored sissy is boosted by something I call “panty boost”. Simply, I take her out shopping to an upscale lingerie store for a new treat. A foreign made panty, and I don’t mean China. We are talking France and Italy with real fabric designed by designer with sex in mind. For a sissy, seduction for a big fat juicy cock, blow job, and maybe a righteous fuck! It’s amazing what a panty boost will do for the mood of a girlie boi.

Sissy perk is obvious by the change in step and the flirty looks. I always arrange it so we walk past the adult book store edging her to the door. Her good lingerie in tow to change in the booth. Not that the cock she will suck will know, it’s just a matter of what panty boost will do for the cocksucking morale.

Panty Boost For The Moody Sissy: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164