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November 2018
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Pantyhose Punishment Phone Fantasy Call

For LaFag’s next call, and assignments, and pantyhose punishment will be in order. Often a sissy slave will get slack, and for it to admit it, is brave. This lengthy confession will be carried out.

“Mistress, during our last call we discussed pantyhose punishment. A punishment because the slut has not been wearing pantyhose for our weekly calls as required by the rules of this programme.

The slut is a firm believer in “let the punishment fit the crime”. so the slut suggests, respectfully, a punishment of wearing pantyhose from head to toe for all future calls. this means a stocking over the slut’s head, a pair of pantyhose on the top part of the body which covers the slut’s, arms and torso, pantyhose on the bottom part of course covering legs, butt,and feet. if you wish to inflict further punishment the slut will wear two pairs of pantyhose and 2 stockings, head, top and bottom, this is for added discomfort, to make the slut respect the rules of its programs. Please indicate by email before the call if you wish the slut to do this. for security, the stocking and the two parts of the pantyhose can be taped together with duct tape, completing the encasement.”

Pantyhose Punishment Phone Sex Call: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164
Mistress I said the other night that I was disappointed with the progress of my feminization. I realize that I will never pass as a woman, therefore  I want to become the effeminate man this would be most humiliating.
I want to commit to doing the following with you:
1. I will purchase an inflatable butt plug/dildo and use it every day for 4 hours;
2. I will wear every day only panties/pantyhose and stockings;
3. I will practise every day )minimum of 2 hours) pitch control of my voice;
4. I will practise lisping;
5. I will practise every day effeminate hand gestures and modes of speaking;
6. I will wear light make-up every day;
7. I will sign-up for a make-up training course ( 1 day or one week);
8.I will sign-up for a ballet dancing course (wearing pink tights, pink tutu, leotard, and pointe shoes);
9. I will noogle every day for at least 2 hours;
10. I will achieve 38D breasts within 1 month;
La Fag

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