The Pass The Penis Game

Pass the penis fun with seven Mistresses on Friday proved to be a frustrating morning for one boy who ended with me as last Mistress. Why? because he was denied orgasm of course. With all that work! But I got cue from a little birdie that he was not to cum with any of us. He was to save it up for his regular Mistress next call in ten days. Ten whole days. I think she was going on a vacation, and that was the perfect time. Raging orgasm denial. When he finally gets to cum he will be so happy.

Pass The Penis with Frustrating Denial. Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

The Nature Of The Game

With the pass the penis game either the boy or his Mistress selects a number of Mistresses to participate in the game. Most of the time it ends in denial. Many of the phone fantasy sessions are tease and denial, some he is not allowed to touch or edge his cock at all. There may be CBT included or even some corporal discipline. It just depends on his kink and the decision made by his Mistress. Often he has been in chastity and is allowed out of the cage to play for several hours. This is a great diversion.

Humiliation And Pass The Penis Sessions

Pass the penis includes much humiliation like CFNM. Many Mistresses and little old him. The humiliation factor is high, especially if he has a small cock and he is ordered to inform each Mistress how little it is. So imagine how much enjoyment this is for an owned by Mistress boy and how grateful he must be to be passed around in this humiliating way. Each and every Mistress at LDW has facilitated such a cock humiliation session with or without orgasm. Every boy in chastity must play!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164