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November 2018
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Pretty Sissy Things And Toys

Boi Has Toys

Boi Has Toys

New Pink Cage For Sissy Mer

I just love it when a boy (boi in this case) actually does as directed, to creatively place the items he has on the bed to be photoed and sent to Mistress. Mer is a very good boi and probably deserves an orgasm tomorrow. Shall I grant him one? His last call on the 11th produced a ruined orgasm. I couldn’t give him a tease this weekend because I was not feeling well and had no voice. Tomorrow I do, and the sissy mer will present herself dressed in as much pink as possible to match her brand spankin’ new chastity cage, The Holy Trainer! It’s an awesome cage in pink. As you can see, this boi has no problem pleasing his Mistress.

Very Impressive Collection

Very Impressive Collection

Orgasm For A Poor Pool Boy

In the next few the pool boy will be hoping for an orgasm , now at 35 days, had sex with his girl friend over the weekend which resulted in a ruined orgasm. She was completely satisfied which is most important. While he is in this chastity and tease and denial training program, he has quickly learned that it is not all about him and his dick. Boys often thank me for this!

Perhaps Cuckolding?

Now that I have my voice back, I perhaps will do that recording this week in a cuckold fantasy format. I can imagine Matt as a cuckold . That is to be determined of course. He did come over on Sunday to give me a massage and make me a hot toddy. There is nothing like warm brandy with lemon and honey to break up congestion.


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