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November 2018
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Queen of SPH?

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

SPH Gets A Queen

Seriously? Is it true that a little dicked man gave me this title? How did that happen? Yesterday a button pusher with a little dick gave me a call. He called in to dispatch wanting a fantasy where Mistresses nipples were longer than his little dick. Interesting…and yes very novel. Now what got my goat was when the opening word was “Cassandra” in a very commanding tone. Immediately I used the same tone with “The name is Mistress Cassandra to you”! I also told this boy that my nipples were far too superior to even be compared to that little squirt. Should this little dick exist he asked, I replied that he would be better off without it and we should make short term plans to do away with it altogether. How? You can just imagine can’t you, as I have a very sadistic imagination. Anyways, he called the dispatcher back after the call proclaiming me as Queen of small penis humiliation. The crown please…I gave him a name as well. “Fuck Face” plain and simple.

Locked Up Sissies

sissy donna has been caged now for 6 months. I told her I liked the number 200 better, so we will be arranging a ruined orgasm day on 200. Fuckie Fag boi is now 19 weeks in chastity. she has till the end of the year to noogle a C cup. After that it’s possible I may up the cup for next year. she’s been doing so well I don’t want to spoil the fun. sissymaid saddie? How long have you been locked to date? Post it on a comment to this post, and do so with every post from here on out.

Chastity Training Contracts

Back by popular demand: chastity training contracts. A formal agreement between Mistress and slave. I’ll be working on it and would like input. If you were to receive a contract, what would you like to see in it?

Happy Birthday To Me

Off tomorrow as it is my birthday. Thanking all of the boys who have sent me gifts so far. XOX

Chastity Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


8 comments to Queen of SPH?

  • Sissy fuckie fag boi

    Things going well in italy but internet is sporadic because of the mountains and terrain

  • Sissy fuckie fag boi

    Yes i see mistress but i would willingly enter a sissy/feminisation contract with you. The stricter the better 😁

  • It looks like sissysadie has already lost interest and did not reply as told to do so. This is what I mean about sissy contracts, fuckie fag boi.

  • @ mistress Cassandra there are so many things Mistress! the more detailed the better, because only this way is the chastity slut completely controlled and subjugated. the contract is a good way to impose all sorts of behavior and correction patterns through a quasi legal framework. i can’t speak for others, but the stick has always worked better for me than the carrot (unless it is up my ass!), so lots of punishment for infractions, and humiliation always goes down well with me.

    what about a specific sissy/feminization contract? to complete the set? that would bring this particular unruly sissy into line very quickly: dress codes, mannerisms, assignments, etc.


  • quite right Mistress! i get very angry when i hear of callers not treating you as they should, it gives us all a bad name. as we discussed on the call you might honour me with a more demanding target. can’t wait to see your draft of the contract


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