Fuckie Fag Boi’s Sissy Affirmations

I say a walnut shell because it is large and shaped like a brain. Most laugh about sissies being bimbos and mush minds, but for the most part they are quite clever and sound of mind. After all Native American tribes call them two souls and they are elevated to shamans when their tendencies are discovered. Fuckie Fag Boi’s affirmations, right here on the half shell:

Twelve Reasons Why i Love Being A Sissy:

    1. I just love the word “sissy” and telling myself everyday “you are a sissy”!
    2. I love shaving my legs, my pubic hair every day and feeling how soft and smooth my skin is, all  ready for my sissy clothes
    3. I love wearing panties, pantyhose, leotards and all things spandex and sheer
    4. I love wearing chiffon, lurex, sheer nylon
    5. I love my frilly blouses with the ruffles and tucks.
    6. I love my cock cage
    7. I love my tiny clitty which is by now totally useless
    8. I always feel excited  when another girl friend puts me in the friend zone because she knows I am not a man but a pouff.
    9. I love feeling inferior to everyone else, particularly alpha men and all Women of course.
    10. I love to look and feel so girly
    11. I love the humiliation of having to ask the spa attendant to wax my underarms and my legs. I love the looks and knowing glances from the other attendants (“sissy!”)
    12. I love knowing I will never have another orgasm.
    13. I love my pantyhose!

Sissy Affirmations In A Walnut Shell

Miss Jenny’s Coming Soon

Miss jenny wrote awesome sissy affirmations but she wrote them in PDF and Word which I cannot cut and paste here. Too bad. They are all in sissy pink in faggy script. Eventually they will find their way here. Also she is on probation for instead of going to a gay club to give blowjobs she when to a strip club and was offered blow jobs . Unacceptable manly behavior!

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