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October 2018
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Sissy Anthony Scores A Call From Plastic Wearing Trash, MCsboy News , And Here's Peter AKA Norwegian Wood

Goodness, quite a bit of news tonight. First things first. I want to make sure all have seen the the Femdom site We have up and running. It’s a bit more “hard” than our other site more geared to phone sex. The bios tell all, but My bios are hard core in both so do compare and contrast vox erotic and pleaseyourmistress.

The news is out that is doing well. I will be interviewed this coming Saturday night on “talkshoe”, at 7:30 pst , By Ms Ava and Cecilia, so be sure to tune in. I will be talking about chastity and orgasm denial, and of course a fetish very close to My black heart…sissification of the male creature!  The best way to access this venue is to sign up and become a member so you can receive updates.

Welcome peter from Norway who will be my boy in a chastity lite program very soon.  The details as the device purchase (cb6) , plastic locks, cam, etc is negotiated now. I did a call with peter a few days back and he’s ready.  Isnt it good , norwegian wood….yes he was very excited . I ignored it. he will need to get used to being denied. Chastity is like the Tao Te Ching…from one week comes 2, from two weeks comes 3. from 3 weeks comes the 10,000 weeks of denial.

MCsboy seems to be sailing through just fine, he did write last night:

So the frustration continues.  This morning I woke to your cock trying to strain its way out of its cage.  It was kinda painfull.  Then later in the day, the guys wanted to go to a strip club.  So there we were, watching the ladies when one of the ladies asked me if I wanted a lap dance.  Normally this would have been a no brainer.  However, what would happen when she started to grind on my crotch and notice something different down there.  Well, I took her up on the offer, but in the VIP room lest she freak out and my friends notice.  When she noticed it, she kinda gave me a weird look and then smiled as she began to grind her clit on it.  She seemed to be really enjoying it.  Of course she never came right out and asked me what it was.  I would have answered honestly.  Nothing like a little public humiliation to brighten up your day.

awww..hmmm 🙂

Oh and..I received this email from this freak boy:

Mistress Cassandra:
How are YOU doing,this is plastic wearing trash and i
got sissy anthony’s number froom YOUR  page and called
him he answered the phone and i talked to him for
about 15 seconds he then hung up and refused to
answere further calls from me ,how do YOU think this
should be handled??

Thank YOU so much
plastic wearing trash

I replied:

lol..who cares

This  freako was trying to add Me earlier but I iggied him thinking a handle like this was too much wankery but, he called soon after wearing a red womans plastic raincoat, a black garbage bag, green plastic American Eagle shoes bought at Payless while a bunch of women watched and laughed at freakos fitting ( run on sentences have nothing to do with bad editing in My case …it’s the hallmark of enthusiasm!!!!!!). Now I call this dude “plastic fantastic raincoat” and sissy anthony missed the boat. He’s on invisible now on i.m. Just another warning…be very careful what you wish for…..

(rumor has it sissy anthony answered , gave detail of what she was wearing, hung up and didnt answer the phone anymore……ohhhhhhh sissy anthony..Mistress is pissed!)

muny bagz munson is living it up in Nevada now doing Cabo Wabo shots with a dinner party. I will try to catch him tomorrow so I can drain his wallet again.!


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