Noogleberry Does Its Work

Today I’m welcoming back itforthedicktator aka fuckie fag boi after about a year hiatus. We have started a new Noogleberry program in full force. I was happy to see the sexy new Agent Provocateur bras and the Wolford fetish top pictures sent. Also the very impressive sissy breast enlargement results, thanks to the Noogleberry breast enlargement device.

Sissy Breast Enlargement Revisited: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Time And Patience

Few have the time to devote to sissy breast enlargement like fuckie does. Today’s example posted on the bottom shows the dedication it takes to have large full sissy breasts. A gurl would have to have a huge breast and bra fetish which she does. Chastity training has taken the back seat for the time being. Now I expect her to post her development on her blog very soon.

Some time has passed since I last posted because of technical problems with so many outages due to massive monsoon activity in Arizona. Every time a hike is planned, it is canceled due to the weather. The earth keeps soaking it all up with no creek activity except for a few puddles. Yesterday was hail with little visibility and the terrain seems to be turning into a rainforest.

Mistress Cassandra Femdom Training And Enforcement 1-800-730-7164

The Noggleberry Report

Mistress Daily Report follows. You will note that:

1. sessions have increased (5 sessions in the last 24 hours); and
2. the duration of each session has increased (from 1 hour to 2 hours).
The slut has started wearing a bra every day now. This is good practice given that it will have to now wear a bra for the rest of its miserable life.
Today it has ordered a beautiful, white, long line bra size 36DD. The more bras the better.
Date Time Started Time Ended Duration Comments
09:23:2022 11:04PM 13:04AM 120 minutes Both Sides
09:24:2022 07:00AM 08:00AM 60 minutes Left side
09:24:2022 12:02PM 13:02PM 60 minutes Both Sides
09:24:2022 14:59PM 15:59PM 60 minutes Both Sides
09:24:2022 15:47PM 17:47PM 120 minutes Both Sides