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October 2018
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Sissy Butt Plug Training Audio

Sissy butt plug training was by far the most fun erotic audio I have recorded to date! Well if you can call it erotic….hahaha!


Hello sissy, this is Mistress Cassandra your butt plug training coach. These days there are many butt plug selections available from so many kink stores. It’s time to get shopping because you know why you need it. To be a worthy slave to Mistresses strap on, to be a sissy slut for your encounter with a real man, and because of course you love the feeling of your pussy snatch being stretched and used for the amusement of many!
Sissy Butt Plug Training Audio: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

I really love the three pack of small, medium, and large for training the new sissy. They come in black, but I want you to get pink to remind you that you are a sissy. Do I really need to remind you of that? Maybe no, maybe so. the point is to get you in girlie mode all of the time.

How about a glass butt plug stuck in your freezer for a little cold play? There are also adorable little trainer plugs with pink hearts at the base. Imagine bending over with your sheer pink panties displaying that! Check out “naughty candy hearts” in hot pink with a really big pink heart for display. The big black “Renegade Spade” will get you ready for that black and fat 12″ dick you will be dating next week. My favorite? Jaws Spek u Plug by Q-balls. It opens like a soft speculum flower. Don’t forget the electro butt plugs, Mistresses choice! Making a sissy squeal is great fun for a Mistress. After that one, it’s hard to imagine she, sissy, was even once a man!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

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