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November 2018
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Does Sissy Get To Cum Tonight?

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Will Sissy Cum Tonight?

Well, well, it’s that time again when sissy boi mer comes out of the chastity cage to play with the sissy clit for Ms Violet and me. This lockup was for ten days, and Ms Violet and I have been conversing whether this little slut will get to cum tonight. This little slut will wear her school girl outfit with accessories of course to present herself appropriately on cam for Ms Violet and me. All toys will be laid out on the bed (which will be properly made), and ready for viewing and choosing.

No More Messenger Spot Checks

New rule for yahoo messenger:  Smart phones have taken the place of web cam now. Webcam will be used only on calls that require viewing. The new drill is a daily photo of my cock locked, also I reserve the right to request a photo upon demand. When you hear that message in inbox prompt, you have 15 min to send me a photo. If you do not have a smart phone then we will arrange something else. I find yahoo extremely unreliable for spot checks, so I am now eliminating spot checks period. Since my car is on her last leg, not having a car is most appealing so I investigated “Uber” , a very affordable taxi service. Unfortunately they only use apps. It is now time for me to get a smart phone, and an I-Phone it will be.

I Am Mistress, Not Girlfriend

So it seems that a few of you are jealous that I have a guy, especially a guy who is submissive and kinky? A guy who loves bondage, femdom, and chastity training? Seriously? Please don’t. It’s too weird and creepy. I am not your girlfriend, fiance, etc…I am your Mistress, and do not forget that!

Chastity Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164




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