A Memorable Sissy Honeymoon

A sissy honeymoon should be special, something to remember, with plenty of toys to bring home! Listen 🙂


There must be a sissy honeymoon after a wedding. I barely touched the surface. You do remember that heart shaped bed and all of the goodies. Now it’s time to talk about a very unusual honeymoon with guests, sex toys and dungeon furniture.

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A Dungeon In A Honeymoon Suite?

The honeymoon suite has an extra room with a dungeon where the bride and groom will spend most of their time. The gown is off and the white lingerie is on. So are the shackles and ropes. A sissy wedding is anything but conventional, but she won’t be tortured, she will be ravaged by her husband and some choice others. The biggest and the best get to sample this sexy sissy.

Sissy Honeymoon Party In The Dungeon

It’s time to party and Master of Sissy comes out of the dungeon dressed in his leather and there is a full view of pretty sissy on the bondage table bound in white rope and tied to table carefully. White ball gag in mouth, white patent leather heels on her feet. She looks so vulnerable and helpless. Of course she will be well protected with her husband overseeing all the fun she will have with these bonus cocks as her honeymoon gift.

Pictures and videos will be taken to be sent to envious sissy friends wishing that they too can have such a wedding. This will definitely be a bukkake honeymoon, a cum eating fiesta, and a sampling of some bigger than averages. What will she bring home from the wedding guests? Plenty of great memories, a few little rope burns, some spanking marks and so many insertable sex toys imaginable.

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