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November 2018
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Sissy Post Xmas Shopping

A Boy's Toys

A Boy’s Toys

Thank You!

First of all, I would like to thank all of the wonderful boys who made my Christmas bright. I received fantastic prezzies, shoes, lingerie, hats, jewelry, gift cards, and a special pair of boots from a special boy. It’s nice to be appreciated and I am very grateful to those who took the time. XOX!

Bargains For Sissy Tarts

Now then, moving on to post Xmas sissy shopping, a gleeful time for little tarts looking for a bargain. This is an especially humiliating time for sissies because the malls are full of shoppers returning gifts and exchanging things. Women are more plentiful in this area because guys prefer to wait a bit longer, and they are more interested in watching sports than returning gifts.

Walking In A Sissy Wonderland

It’s a sissy wonderland with the mall filled with bitchy princesses and women stalking the halls for sales and bargains. It’s time for gurls to enjoy the panty selections and a great time for a bra fitting. Pastel colors are always in style for panties and bras, but for the winter, bigger selections of deep reds, blacks, purples and velvet in lingerie fabric. Sissy is ordered to enter the store with guidance from a sales associate. Perhaps she will be a bit snarky due to the hoards of shoppers, and in a mood to humiliate a sissy. She knows she can do this because she has plenty of experience with sissies prancing in and hoping for humiliation. Today is the day for this little treat.

Sex Toy Sales

Oh, and let’s not forget toy shopping. For dildo suckers, ┬ásex toys go on sale too during this time but sorry gurls, no one is gonna humiliate you there because it’s a kinky life , and it’s a wonderful life too!

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