What a lucky little sissy slut. Sissy’s Las Vegas wedding is all planned. let’s head to the chapel and “give her away”.


Sissy is about to have a very festive wedding in las Vegas. Mistress has planned it all out, and the honeymoon suite is ready. The bride will wear white even though she is a little sissy slut, she has a prize. She won the biggest alpha male in the pack. At a recent party, many suiters were invited because the pretty sissy was up for grabs, and the best man won. Now he is whisking her away to Vegas to have a chapel wedding, no drive throughs because she will be wearing a formal wedding gown with all the trimmings. Something old, a vintage white satin corset with dd breast forms. Something new, her new white Mary Jane 5” heels. Something borrowed, Mistresses white leather riding crop for her husband to use on her. Something blue, a big blue butt plug to wear down the isle.

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Mistress is the “best woman” in black leather formal with ermine furs (fake of course) the sissy maid of honor in black formal sissy maid outfit is her best friend, and the bridesmaids are her close sissy school friends, all dressed in pink.

The honeymoon suit has a big pink heart shaped bed with plenty of room for the dominant husband’s friends of choice. Of course with sissy bride’s wish, they all will have 10” dicks or larger. Mistress plans on filming this whole party for sissy’s memories. The suite is filled with pink champagne. Sissy has three drawers full of lingerie and slut shoes, stockings to match, pink shackles with gold buckles. Weddings should be memorable after all, especially for a sissy.

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