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October 2018
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Sissys New Profession Erotic Audio

Erotic audio recorded and provided by me. Be careful what you wish for sissy. One day you will meet a Mistress that will hold you to it. Give a listen and enjoy. Don’t forget to comment.

Sissys New Profession Erotic Audio: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


Erotic Audio Bad Gurl Sissy

He said to me on Tumblr : “Yes Mistress, I need to be whored out for real and suck cock, and WORSE. Thank you!” This comment inspired this recording and post.

Tall Red Boots

And worse!!! Oh that sounds ominous. We know what that sissy slut means. She wants to be trained to walk in tall red boots with a tall stiletto heel for starters. With this training, she will last for eight hours or longer on the ho stroll. She will even be able to run in them away from scary clients and lawmen. She then will continue to be submissively on her knees sucking client cock in her exciting new profession.

Jump In With Both Feet

I think the best thing she can do is jump in with both feet. She will be running out tomorrow to visit a tranny slut boutique to find her tall red boots and the clothes to go with them. A nancy boi on the stroll will have to contend with real girls humiliating sissy and shooing her away. After all, clients love tall gurls, and the tranny dick to go with it.

Viva Las Vegas

Where does she go to find a slut c/d boutique? Las Vegas of course! Sin City. While she is at it, she can gleefully find “admiring gentlemen” to practice her new profession on. In the boutique she finds all types of sissy clothes and accessories to make her a smashing success. From stripper to cheerleader, she is a whored out sissy as promised……..

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

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12 comments to Sissys New Profession Erotic Audio

  • Tom

    Ur slut will always say misrtess Cassandra from now on

  • Tom

    I love to wear my fishnet nylons and 9 inch platform high heels and walk the sidewalk like a whore and shake my ass and hear my high heels clicking on and sidewalk and I would love if u make me bend over in my high heels and u took of ur high heels off and heel fucked me on the sidewalk

  • Tom

    I love being ur sissy faggott bitch wearing only my fishnet nylons and black high heels on . Ordered on my hands and knees to suck cock

  • *roll eyes* ” And WORSE? Ms. Cassandra, this little bitch deserves what she gets for challenging you the way she has. I swear, even the biggest dumbass knows better than to provoke you. I can’t wait until you show her how “worse” things can get!

  • Goddess Mandy

    OMG Ms.Cassandra…and worse does indeed sound ominous…you’re right, lol! And I clearly hear that of course you are ALL in to help her with all of her slut whore desires to be turned out and more, or “worse” perhaps?!? But no matter what…there is one thing that is clear. With your expert help and training she will be more than on her way!! 🙂

  • “Kinky Boots,” the Mistress Cassandra version! Loved it!! It seems you were truly inspired by this wishful sissy. I could hear the click-click-click of those stiletto heels on the sidewalk as sissy strutted her stuff, enjoying a rare moment when she was not on her knees.

    I can’t help but wonder how she would feel if Reality pounced on her, turned her out, and made her wishes -“and WORSE”- come true. Would she make a name for herself or go running in the other direction in her tall red boot?

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