Another birthday for sissy and she wants me to stroke it off? Totally inappropriate. Let me see if I can find a pink condom and then maybe I can make her birthday special.


What’s this I hear? Sissy wants me to stroke his little cock off? Hahahaha…I don’t care if it’s your birthday. My hands or in this case, my fingers will never touch that peanut. Well, I do have some solutions. An extra small condom, pink rubber gloves, or pink plastic tweezers. My bare hand will never touch it, sissy. Maybe I can find a pastel plastic bag too. Humiliating you with things ya know. Nothing satiny or silky.

An extra small condom in pink if we can find them would fit nicely, but will I be able to get a grip I wonder? This is why the tweezers may be needed, round tipped so they don’t tear the condom. You can imagine the big smile on my face too. The pink rubber gloves would be more practical for a grip though. I have rejected the notion of a plastic bag. Just way too big. So the latex free pink surgical gloves win the prize.

The extra small load will fit nicely in my palm all neat and sanitary on that glove for sissy boy’s lunching pleasure on her birthday, cum eating with sugar on top.

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