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Slave Mantra sent to me by FFB is a testimony to her faggyness and determination to stay on the path of shemaledom and chastity training. She also has a new challenge which is taking a class in makeup artistry. She has to give a name to sign up, and I told her do not use fuckie fag boi or the administration may not like it. She came up with a good one, Fanny Huckabout-Jones which is taken from an Erica Jong novel. She was terribly disappointed with her makeover in the city assignment and decided to study makeup to do her own. Of course sending a sissy slut out en femme to do an assignment is always fun for sissy humiliation. Now, the slave mantra:

repeat after me
“I will stay soft and limp
I will always stay soft and limp
I will never get hard with a woman
I will only get hard for men
My only role in life is to please men
Men with hard, thick cocks
I can only get hard now for cock
When I see a pussy, I will stay soft and limp
Soft and limp for pussy
Hard for cock
I will stay hard for Thick, hard cocks dripping with cum
I will be hard only for cock
Soft and limp for pussy
My clit will only get hard for cock,only cock
No more pussy for me, never, ever.”
Slave Mantra Makes A Happy Mistress: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164
Now who can abide by that. Writing a slave mantra for Mistress keeps the intent and the focus up front for all sissies and of course BDSM slaves. I welcome more mantras coming my way , knowing that you are in awe of Femdom Mistress and her training of you. Don’t be afraid of your talent, after all, you embarked on this training for a reason.
Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164