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October 2018
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Smoking Fetish Is A Dirty Habit

A Short History Of Tobacco

Smoking fetish is a sexy genre of bad girl Mistress and bad boy/boi submissive. First of all I don’t want comments or emails about how you hate smoking. Who cares? Smoking has been around for a very long time be it pipes, peace pipe ceremony, wrapped in ciggy paper, and the usual packaged overpriced and taxed up the yin yang product. Tobacco is considered sacred in New World indigenous cultures.Tobacco is considered a gift from the Creator, and tobacco smoke is seen as carrying one’s thoughts and prayers to the spirits. Following the industrial revolution, Europeans traded heavily, overconsumption and dependency without respect for the medicine resulted in illness.

Smoking Fetish Is A Dirty Habit: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Smoking Fetish Taboo

Taboo is always attractive, and a Domme blowing smoke in a smoking fetish boy’s face is exciting and downright dirty. Most Dommes like myself really don’t make a habit of smoking anymore. A fetishist doesn’t really care if she inhales. What he cares about is the billows and the sexy screen siren persona that accompanies this fetish. Mistress can scrub her mouth after session. If a Femdom wants to include masturbation on his knees and cumming in a cup, Mistress can then blow a cloud of smoke on the cum for a smoking fetish and cum eating session.

Detail The Fantasy To Mistress

I do not recommend this fetish to non smoking subs. Unless you have a vomit fetish, smoking can make you dizzy and nauseous. I definitely don’t want to hear that on the other end of the line. On a phone fantasy call, it can work nicely if Mistress creates a vivid scenario. Be sure to email her detailing this fetish as clearly as possible. Most often, this type of fetishist has a particular and unique scene in mind.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

7 comments to Smoking Fetish Is A Dirty Habit

  • toeboy

    Mistress Cassandra, Smoking is dirty but some slaves are more useful as an ashtray because dominants do smoke.

  • Yes, it is true that a smoking fetish is a very dirty habit, but I’ve never known you to shy away from something dirty to keep your bois horny and on the edge for you. The dirtier you are, the more they are enslaved by you!

  • Ecock

    Dear Mistress,
    Although, I do not disagree with the title, it makes me wonder about poppers. I do not know anything about them or what they do. I would not any idea where to get them. I also do not know what purpose they serve. Are they a fetish. I am not into any kind of drugs personally, but that does not make me less curious when it comes to learning and gaining knowledge.

    • Mistress Cassandra

      Poppers are sold over the counter in sex shops. They are for people with heart conditions, and strokers get a rush when using I’m told. I don’t encourage things like this, but of course at your own risk!

      • Mistress Cassandra

        Correction for poppers. They WERE used for people with heart conditions which must have been low blood pressure because they raise bp and make the heart race along with the dick hard !

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