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November 2018
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Spanked CFNM Sissy Audio

Sissy gets spanked by the pool after her spectacular strip tease performance to Depeche Mode. Give a listen!


Your pink polka dot bikini looks awesome on you sissy. You lost all of that weight working out at the gym, spent time on your knees with your personal trainer in sissy slut fashion with his big black cock in your mouth. I don’t think he gave you a break on his fees, in fact I think you had to pay more. Now you are here, at my private pool being the entertainment for my girlfriends and me. Get ready. I have a surprise for you…a gift! A swimsuit cover up in fuchsia with mules to match. We don’t want sissy toasted by the sun!

Spanked CFNM Sissy Audio . Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

These mules are the perfect accessory for your salon pedicure you got yesterday. You were thoroughly humiliated being a sissy among all those young girls. The staff then convince you to get French tips and the whole salon was in an uproar. So here you are now, waiting for orders as my girlfriends and I collaborate.

Spanked CFNM Sissy Audio . Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

I walk over to you as you sit on the pool chair admiring your mani/pedi and applying your hot pink lippy. The music comes on and you are ordered to dance to 80’s music, ordered to be as sexy as you can. Should you fail, you will get a spanking from all five of us. Get up sissy and dance, peel away that coverup and grab those ankles. Oh so proud of your sissy slut ways and feminine style….go sissy dance! Listen to the recording to hear the whole thing!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


7 comments to Spanked CFNM Sissy Audio

  • Sara

    I love your voice Mistress Cassandra. I wish I could do my nails too :(((. Wearing a bikini with my nails done is a dream.

  • This is awesome Ms Cassandra! Every sissy needs a Mistress for sissy training … and the touch of the fuchsia mules is perfect for any mincing sissy walk and then, of course, the BEST sissy moves ever! ~laughs~ Of course, the only thing better than this is the sissy on her knees …. mmmmmmmmm …. before her Mistress and sucking COCK (like a good sissy should be doing!)

  • Dick Breath Sissy JayMe

    I love the teasing sound of your voice, Mistress. And yes, teens have laughed at me when they noticed my colorful pedi when I wore sandals and women’s short shorts, displaying my smooth lotions legs. In many situations I believe I’m the first sissy some girls ever saw in public. A table of girls near mine at Starbucks once caught me touching up my lipgloss and they all loudly laughed.

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