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October 2018
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Spanking For The Fun Of It

Spanking a submissive  who has been bad is nothing new in the BDSM world. It’s all in the method of course, the situation that caused it, and it can also be done just for the fun of it. It seems that sissies enjoy spank discipline the most because of the “for-play” of getting dressed in the most outrageous of crinoline petticoats and sissy maid attire. I don’t prefer sissy slut wear in a spank session for a sissy. The more helpless the look, the better.

Spanking For The Fun Of It: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

A sissy can be spanked and punished for wearing my famous outfit above. I come home unexpectedly and there she is in my red lingerie, black stockings and outrageous heels. My first comment would be “how in the world can you manage to walk in these as you are doing” ? The punishment would be administered because her ability to walk in these shoes is better than mine. I prefer to lounge in such shoes, not clean house. We cannot have a sissy do anything better than Mistress.

Now the mechanics of spanking dungeon style, over the knee with petticoats billowing, trapped between Mistresses thighs and grabbing ankles Governess style, on the spanking bench, over the couch arm, with paddle or English Tawse (which Amazon sells under the “Health and Personal Care” category.

Spanking is an age old punishment and goes well with Mistress dressed in black leather with opera length leather gloves. In the dungeon, a spanking bench is used. Bondage to the bench, ball gagged and blindfolded, the submissive is mostly naked and vulnerable as Mistress works from the side. Sissies are taken over the knee, between the thighs, and with a hairbrush or paddle for variation. So you see, a spanking is not merely a spanking, there are many fun variations.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


2 comments to Spanking For The Fun Of It

  • Mistress Cassandra

    Your welcome Ms Olivia !

  • YAYYYYYYYY thank you so much for this blog post — spanking (or any sort of “punishment”) might actually be a reward in the often upside-down world of kink. Most things about this really are counterintuitive and opposite … pain as pleasure, etc. This is a fabulous example so thank you for this blog 🙂

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