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November 2018
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SPH You Know What It Means!

SPH Is Fun To Write About

SPH is yes! Small penis humiliation. So many posts I have written of this but not lately. I was rolling on the floor laughing with my last call. Imagining his cock was a pimple, and squeezing it caused a little eruption of cum. Of course I would never touch that little tiny little pimple. I also have posted on humiliation boot camp today, reveling in today’s humiliation topic. The week started with cuckold small cocks, personal trainers, the camel toe of the hot wife, and “advanced”squats.

The Dickless Cuckold Speaks

SPH You Know What It Means! Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164
“The trainer tells her she is now ready for advanced squat workout.

He tells her to remove her yoga pants and do squats with her silver thong on as he spots her by holding her hips.

He invites me (little donnie dickless) one day to witness her workouts..

I come in to our workout room to see my wife squatting up and down over his 10” very thick pole. She grunts each time she lowers as her pussy makes loud wet queefs. After she is sufficiently stretched out and loosened, he orders her to lie on the small bench face-down in the room for her post workout “massage”. He tells me she needs an internal massage as he fastens a strap over her tiny waist to the bench.”

This form of cuckolding puts the hot wife in a submissive position which is not a liking of mine but it was creatively written for one with such a little dick that I had to give it a test drive here. He imagines her in a submissive position but the fact is she loves being plowed by this stud. To each his own they say”.

The Redundant Small Cock

Often enough there is the boy who repeats over and over a mantra about his dicklessness and how he wears sissy panties because he is a little bi cocksucker. After that the mantra enters boasting then of a whole 3 inches, and proud of it. Good! I believe in empowerment. Let the small cocks enjoy humiliation!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


8 comments to SPH You Know What It Means!

  • Haha! My favorite point in this post is the fact that not only does a small dicked cuckold with a wife who is submissive to her bull have to understand that he’s not worthy of her pussy because of his tiny endowment, but also that a big dick not only gets pussy, but any *other* hole he may want as well!

  • princess

    WOW! waht an amazing post! My cuck’d sissy’clitty is also useless and tiny! I can so relate to this post!!! Thank you Mistress!

  • Petey cream puff

    I’m about 3-4’ 🙁 I agree that I should be put in panties along garter belt/bra with dd forms along with long black wig/feminine arched eyebrows/makeup/lipstick with hot sheath dress. I realize I’m not boyfriend material as this is fine with me. Having all of you dress/make me into a girl gets me hard and I believe all women should do this guys on regular basis. As Ms Erika said this isn’t about fantasy for me anymore it’s reality as I really am a cream puff girl forever.

  • LDD

    OMG Mistress, you are so right how much she loves getting plowed in her post workout internal massage. The silver thong must have been so creamy when he was done. Every cuck needs a personal trainer to ensure his hot wife’s camel toe is sufficiently filled and pleased, don’t they?

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