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November 2018
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Sploshing: What’s On The Menu?

Sissy Likes Sploshing

The humiliated sploshing sissy alexis called me with detail of what was on the food fetish menu and in that order, let the sploshing begin! A picture was sent after each addition, starting with the chocolate cream pie right on top of her head. I told her to invest in a pair of swimming goggles to keep her eye makeup fresh.

Sploshing: What's On The Menu? Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Creamed Corn And Tomato Sauce…Where is The RV?

Second on the menu was creamed corn, and then tomato sauce. Yellow and red are primary colors and go so well together! Wish I could show you the photos sent. They really are decorative. The sissy alexis does not appeal to my food tastes but surely knows how to mix a humiliating food sloshing combo.

Sploshing Would Be Nothing Without Sweet Whipped Cream

Next came the whipped cream. Now what is a good food session without it. We need to add billowing white clouds to the painting after all. So, you dumb little sissy, we will not be sending you to glory holes in this foody costume.

Chocolate For Sploshing Lovers

Hershey’s chocolate next, preparing for the grand finale of baked beans, mixing it all together to make a most interesting lubricant. This is the recipe that she will blend altogether to make the most palatable recipe for the cum eating session. But of course, the cum is the proverbial cherry on top! Such very enthusiastic pix. Good work, silly sissy!

Sploshing Always Culminates In Cumming

Ah yes. She did cum and eat it. It was all very exciting for us both. Then she wanted to know about glory hole assignments. I told her to call me from there while she was indulging in cock so I could listen and humiliate her because she is a sissy cocksucker.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164



2 comments to Sploshing: What’s On The Menu?

  • What a versatile sissy to entertain Mistress! Your sissy likes to wear the rainbow, and then she goes to the glory holes to taste the rainbow! Sploshing is such dirty fun, but it can be so much fun to decorate a messy girl or boi and then make them eat cum!

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