A New Stroke Pet

Matty stroker made this shrine after days of stroking and edging. The assignment proved to be very grueling, so he needed a break. Stroking less and to the shrine, added variety to his instructions. Today he is on a whole week of zero stroke unless he sees his girlfriend.

Training The Dominant Male

Since I never mentioned this boy before, I will now. His girlfriend is the submissive, he is the dominant. He came to me to learn cock control so he can better serve her sexually. I will train all kinds of boys, even dominant ones as long as they know their place with me, and this boy knows his place. He is well read in BDSM, and is a very good Master to his submissive. He is not abusive and he holds her in high regard. He also holds me in high regard which is essential. I’m not sure if I will ever get to talk to her, eventually when the timing is right.

A Kinky Switch

Today mat stroker was of course denied orgasm. We used clover clamps on his nipples and a dildo in his ass. As you can see, this boy is a bit of a switch. I love the job he did with this shrine or altar. The red works best, and the presentation is very sexy. This boy is a precum and cum eater, loves to be a sissy with panties and nighties, and has toys. Now the cum eating we save for a later time, when he is allowed to cum.


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