Shrink Your Dick The Inverted Cage Way

There is nothing new about inverted chastity. It’s been around for a long time. What’s new is new to the boy who decides to try it and bear it. To bear it is to be the submissive most Femdom seek. There is much chatter lately about penis shrinkage and the ways to achieve it. Inverted chastity cages will bring you there much quicker So read on and make your small penis dreams come true. Soon you will be the quasi-girl you were always meant to be. It’s about the right cage and the mindset of “my dick is useless because it’s only six inches long”. Get it smaller then. You will never compete with the big black dick your lady always craves. Yes, your dick is mediocre and useless.

Davey Says:

“Chastity that inverts the penis shaft (not unlike sex change surgery!) and keeps the glans a full 3 inches back inside the body. I bet being kept locked in this for a few months would destroy the erectile tissues so no more erections ever!”

Inverted Chastity How About It Then? Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Inverted Chastity Information, Ask Me For Pictures

Start your journey on the “lock the cock” website. There are plenty of pink cages for sissies who already have a head start, lol. Yes you know you can never be small enough if you are a sissy. The smallest is the contest. Can you win? Maybe you could work on erasing it all together.  The site carries a cute little pink cage called “The sissy pink abomination”, My favorite! Let’s explore now what are inverted chastity cages and the varieties that help you and Mistress reach your goals.


What This Cage Does

Sexy sissification devices are designed to invert the penis. When used to feminize and sissify, they completely hide the dicklet from view by pushing the dickie back into the area around your pelvis. Inverted cages are usually made of stainless steel and come in various shapes and sizes to fit different hopeful cocks. The most common design features a ring that fits around the base of the cock and balls, a thin shaft that pushes the cock back or inverts it, and a locking mechanism that prevents the device from being removed. The inverted design of the cage not only prevents a slave from becoming fully hard but hides the dick from view entirely.

One Size Does Not Fit All

The cages come in various styles and designs, featuring different inverter pin lengths and widths, while some cages have urethral tubes and cages with or without locking pins. The design and shape of the cage can affect the level of comfort and security for the wearer, so it’s essential to choose a style and size that fits your cock and your preferences.” Fufu chastity clips” are a more basic form of inverted cage with no locking mechanism, but they are still very effective at hiding your teenie weenie. These clips go over the balls and tuck your useless dicklette back into itself, achieving a sought-after “clitty” look.

The Good Sissy

While on the subject of chastity training, sissy debra has passed day 86 of chastity without the cage. She has never needed a cage, and you could say how do you know she isn’t blasting every day? Wellll she is the kind of sissy who is a serious sissy. Not a dilettante. She has been at it for years. At a young age, she was very self-aware and her. little dick made her even aware of the fact that if she could be attracted to girls, her dick would be very uninteresting to girls anyways. Debra may like the inverted chastity option someday.

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Inverted Chastity How About It Then? Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164