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November 2018
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Teased, Denied, Slide

Panty Hose Leg Worship

Panty Hose Leg Worship

A Little Tease Muse

All the possibilities of tease and denial:

*Teased, Denied, Cried
*Teased, Denied, Hide
*Teased, Denied, Lied
*Teased, Denied, Tied
*Teased, Denied, Flied (premature accident)
*Teased, Denied, Guide
*Teased, Denied, Pied (food fetishists)
*Teased, Denied, On a Ride (abduction fetishist)
*Teased, Denied, Slide (panty hose fetishist)
*Teased, Denied, Wide (BBW fetishist)

Can you think of any other? Do not say died, no one is dying on my watch. They must rhyme to continue the study. I just happen to be wearing panty hose in this photo. That is not my pussy but a reinforced crotch btw, but you figured that out soon enough. Today’s study will be “teased, denied, slide” simply because I am wearing panty hose, and a panty hose fetishist loves to slide.

Panty Hose Fetish Tease

Teasing a panty hose boy is very easy. If you can imagine a pair of super sheer pantyhose of good quality such as Wolford. The boy of course will try to get the sheerest the best and will be exempt from the sissy panties category. This boy or boi, will love to be enfemme, the most important accessory is of course, the pantyhose.


How To Get The Best Slide

A floor with a soft carpet works best. I really can envision miss sissy panties rubbing her panty hosed crotch on this carpet. Sliding up and down as Mistress controls the rhythm with the pretty silver tipped acrylic cane. Mistress stands above in a dominant pose enjoying the view watching the slut squirm and beg for an orgasm.

Denied And Probably Cried

Nothing is more frustrating than being denied orgasm for one who loves to slide. Should one slip out, then cum eating is in order. I know fuckie fag boi who is in Italy now, will love this post. She knows she is to stay in chastity for her stay. This post will really test her will.

Chastity Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164



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