Sissy Donna Gets Lockdown

I have a few boys to report on the chastity and denial parade for this week. Sissy donna started the new year locked and lovely. I was not available for a call , so she attached her metal cage to her P.A. piercing and waited till the next day for a chastity lock up call. We officially did that and added both keys to her lock box. The numbers were scrambled and I have the combination in the chastity files hardcopy. Tomorrow the sissy goes for a full body waxing as an assignment. Every Monday a photo is to be sent via e-mail, and surprise spot checks are conducted randomly. The sentence is yet to be determined. We did discuss a year.


The Chastity And Denial Parade: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Cageless Chastity And Denial For Stroke Pet

Stroke pet ( formerly Mr Lo Key) is in month 4th month plus. What fun it is teasing and denying him along and watching him grow into the best stoker boy around. The one time renegade is as docile as a lamb and very much submissive. I hope he doesn’t complain too much when the program ends to a frustrating anti climactic ruined orgasm. Those were the conditions after all…hahaha..

FFB Into 300+

Fuckie Fag Boi remains locked heading to the 350 number. She is supposed to report the days by email but fell off. I’m intuitively sure she remains locked and in need of the ball clipping planned for the near future. A P.A. Piercing is more realistic, however. I may convince her of that.

Sissy Queen Kendra

Sissy queen kendra is gleefully excited as a chastity and denial girlie boi, tiptoeing through the daisies and blowing kisses. I say first day of Spring to re negotiate the term. She still has to get the panties as we discussed, and not the old picture either!

Ms Erika’s Chaste Boy

Ms Erika, bill trainee, and myself had a great call this weekend. We discussed more comfortable silicon chastity cages for his athletic goals and came down to Bon4. When Ms Erika, his trainer, is not around I will be here to give session and to keep him in line! That’s all for now.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164