This erotic audio is briefly about what it takes to be a good chastity slave. Do you have a warrior spirit? Do you love Femdom. Do you have the tenacity.


What is a good chastity slave? For ten years now I started keyholding training and have locked many a boy. These audios are about your need to be a chastity slave, and how to be a good chastity slave. First it starts with your curiosity and your need to control your cock. It’s been a bit renegade lately. It’s been in need of training. You may have a passion for metal cages and have a submissive nature. You love and respect Femdom and all attached with it, especially FLR. Most importantly you have been jerking off way too much and it’s out of control. You need heavy duty cock control, a chastity cage , and a chastity mistress. That’s the beginning.

Now for the facts that determine whether or not you will be a true cock locked slave. Even in a phone sex relationship, a true chastity slave does not “sleep around”. He belongs to one mistress, maybe two as long as they are of like mind and have impeccable communication. A slave can be passed around pass the penis style for variety and for the amusement of Mistress.

Should I find on the first interview that a boy may not be of reliable nature, he then will be on a probationary period of tease and denial for 30 days. Many fail during this trial…patience is the key. Not everyone has the tenacity or the warrior spirit to endure chastity training. You must love the idea of being owned and operated by a strong Femdom.

Chastity programs vary. This will be discussed in audios to come. this may be just what the chastity doctor ordered. Stay tuned.

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The Good Chastity Slave Audio Part 1 : Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164