I could write loads about the sissy maid. Right here, is only the tip of the iceberg!


Being the best sissy maid is not as easy as it looks. The idea of it is intriguing and somewhat glamorous, especially with the formal wear attached to formal Mistress events. In this case all things must be perfect. No mistakes for a strict and unforgiving Mistress.

If you were my sissy maid, The shorter the uniform the better. At my formal play parties, Masters are invited and often have a taste for sissy sluts. You have to be willing to play the part.

Often enough, it’s mostly a Mistress only tea party. You will be ordered to make impeccable tea and tea sandwiches. You will be ordered to stand long hours on high heeled Mary Jane shoes. You will be ordered on your knees for foot massages, strap on sucking, a foot stool, and other tasks. If you are  lucky you may even get a spanking or ordered in the corner with your uniform tucked into your rhumba panties displaying a freshly reddened ass.

The life of a sissy maid can be glamorous indeed. Make sure that all the glasses are polished to perfection with not one speck….or else!