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November 2018
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The Old New Cocklock Blog

The Old Cocklock Blog Comes Alive

The Chastity Mistress old new cocklock blog is being resurrected. This was Ms Meredith and my blog started several years ago. She has since left the company and I decided to make it solo. She started adding chastity device reviews as I will be doing along with chastity pet reports and training programs. This blog will be a combination of all things as it always has been. Right now the photo gallery is being updated and constructed. Check it out, Chastity Mistress blog. An audio page will be added, a top banner will be added, and all new and used ideas added. Be sure to subscribe and comment.

The Old New Cocklock Blog: Ms Cassandra

Chastity Training Forever

I was asked the other day, has chastity training seen it’s day? Never! There is always an interest in this form of captivity. Inquiries find their way to my inbox almost daily. Whether they become chastity pets in a cocklock is another story. Most of my training comes from these emails. Often a boy will call in from the blue without using the application.

The Old New Cocklock Blog: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

The Teacher Is Student

Each and every new chastity slave teaches me something new and different. It may be only and email or it may be an elaborate training with a piercing. So far no one has gotten the tattoo on my “chastity wishlist” of a dick locked in a cage. That would be over the top, but it’s put there to see how outrageous a boy will go. Too permanent and expensive to remove, I agree.

Pix Of Your Device

Cock control has it’s permanent home here. Sissy training does as well. Send to my email a picture of your chastity device alone with a bit of information on it to kick off this site. I’m excited about having a devoted blog for the purpose of  cocklocking.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164



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