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November 2018
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The Sissie’s Walk Within The Chastity Labyrinth

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A Sissy Comes Full Circle

Sissy sadie is my new chastity gurl, of course she has been passed around the company, making her way through the maze. Maybe I should call it a labyrinth, since a walk within the labyrinth is designed to bring one to contemplation and enlightenment. The enlightenment here is sissy sadie started out extremely alpha years ago. With expertise and patience of the Mistress crew, she has learned. She first started out with me. This did not work out well as I had very little patience back then. Let’s just say I have cultivated patience and sadie has cultivated true submission. It has come full circle.


Walking The Labyrinth

Labyrinths are Minoan originally. It was mainly designed to hold the Minotaur, a mythical half bull half man, eventually slain by Theseus, the legendary Athenian hero. They have become very popular lately for new age contemplation and prayer. The way of the labyrinth is to walk the path with an empty mind and to accept the road as a metaphor for life’s path. Reach the center, give gratefulness to the four directions, and find your way back.

The Path Of The Seeker Sissy

Moving on from pedantic to kink, 2 sissies, sadie and fuckie, stared down the road exactly the same time with very similar demeanor. With many twists and turns, miscommunications, tease and denials, down the avenue of bi-curious cocksucking, and full on crossdressing. They both arrived close to the center where chastity training lives. What is actually in the center? The center is complete submission to a Femdom.

Transcending Male Arrogance

I celebrate sissy sadie and fuckie fag boi for transcending the male arrogance of a new male in search of submission. They have graduated and acquiesced to the ultimate captivity called chastity control . Welcome to sophisticated domination. Welcome to my stable!

Chastity Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


8 comments to The Sissie’s Walk Within The Chastity Labyrinth

  • This is positively delicious Countess Cassandra! I love the labyrinth motif and you expressed it so beautifully. I never really thought about the “bullheaded” aspect of the Minotaur as being akin to a male’s journey to submission. Wonderful juxtaposition and composition! It’s also apropos since *some* guys never seem able to ask for directions and end up spinning in circles till a lovely femdom comes around and gets them out of their fairy ring. Sometimes it takes a cage to set one free -and a hot mistress like you to hold the key. 😉 Congrats Sissy Lady Sadie & Fucki Fag Boi!

  • What a wonderful post, Ms Cassandra! True submission is such a lofty goal to aspire to, but once there, it must be so deeply satisfying! I’m happy that your two sissies are doing so well with chastity!

    I also loved what you said about how you cultivated patience! I remember you from my first stay at LDW that ended in 2009, and your chastity training techniques back then were legendary!

  • great post Mistress! I can see myself in all of that. i am now, truly broken, docile, submissive and compliant, ready to fulfil your next wish


  • sissymaid saddie

    Thank you Ma’am it’s my honor to serve in your stable
    It has been a long journey with lots of input from all the ldw mistress

    @Ms Courtney but of course Ma’am

  • That sadie, she is such a fucking slut! So good that you are helping her to mellow out with chastity, Goddess knows she needs it! She’s such a smart ass when she wants to be! But I’ll bet that having her sissy clitty locked up in chastity is making her as gentle as a kitten! Hey sadie, I want to do another two Mistress call with Mistress Cassandra! 😉

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