Oh, I have run into this type of sissy. The sissy pest is a brat and needs a special Mistress to put her in her place!


The sissy pest needs to learn manners. Who she is is a debutante who is most likely pretty and cute. She got her way early in life, spoiled and willful but things have changed. Often she learns a Mistress is the one to straighten her out.

This little annoyance often manifests as a topping from the bottom behavior. A passive aggressive annoyance that must be corrected, and this is how Mistress handles it, if she chooses to. Sometimes it’ better to pass her over to a Mistress who will really straighten her out. One who bounds and gags and has a heavy hand with a strap on. In this case I just love to kick back and watch in all amusement. “Suck cock and stuff that noisy little mouth. Make yourself of use and get humble and get hobbled. There this is the way to handle a sissy pest.

For example, she may be serving a party and look around sheepishly as she drops a crystal glass. There are eyes everywhere. She does not get away with it. She’s a brat. She will continue insolent behavior over and over again. Eventually she is dismissed.

Most Mistresses will not deal with it unless she is the type who loves to punish. At that point who cares if sissy gets her way on this. Then it is a battle of who wins and sissy loses because…simple. Mistress has her sadistic way, and sissy is banished forever. Sissy will beg and plead, but she has lost.

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