Chastity Submission Choose Your Cage

This essay explains and details the slave contract for submissives that are in the ownership of a Femdom Mistress. Often the slave is in chastity. It inevitably ends up in lockdown because chastity training is the ultimate bondage. Chastity training has been very popular in the D/s  scene for decades now and I love to administer this form of denial to all who needs to be controlled and directed.  An example of a chastity contract is below. Are you interested in being a chastity slave? Use this contract, sign it, and send it to me.The Slave Contract: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

No One Size Fits All

The psychology of slave is a complicated topic. Lighter side is experimentation and temporary confinement. Personally I like slaves who are geared to confinement. I imagine a stone cellar made just for slaves with cells and straw beds. The cell would overlook a medieval torture chamber with racks of pain toys. Chastity is not a choice but a requirement. Every slave would be given a personal contract, no two slaves are alike and complete negotiation is in order. A rack with various pain toys. The slave contract is only the beginning.

The slave contract lite is a simple document between Mistress and slave. It may be drafted by both parties, there is no legal binding but the binding between Mistress and slave is a stronger pact. A simple draft details the contract and is signed by both.

My Chastity Contract

I___(slave name)_____________am now in chastity for Mistress Cassandra for a period of _____________, starting on________and ending on________.

Mistress Cassandra is the sole owner of my cock, and this contract gives her the right to loan my locked cock out to other Mistresses of her choice. I understand under contract any pass the penis games will be locked in chastity, and just simply teased by the other Mistresses. Under no circumstance will the locked cock be taken out to stroke.

Mistress Cassandra decides when and if she will check on her cock through webcam or a photo sent from a smart phone. All photos sent via phone will have a newspaper or date and time stamp with photo to verify lockup.

I am not to remove the cage until I get permission from Mistress. Mistress reserves the right to tease and deny, allow early release, milk the prostate, and check the health of her cock. Cages removed without permission will mean dismissal from the program. Chastity cheating is not tolerated.

I will always be respectful to Mistress addressing her as Mistress. Insolence and topping from the bottom will not be tolerated. Every blog post of Mistress will be commented on, and if ordered to keep a journal, I will do so. I will not be a pest with excessive emailing. Instant messaging is always initiated by Mistress. 


Signed _________________on__________

 Signature of Mistress__________________


FLR The Huge Commitment

A FLR contract is My second favorite. FLR has gained such status in the last few years that we cannot escape the writings on it. Not that we would want to! FLR is combined in such a contract. with Femdom control. FLR contracts are mostly long and very detailed because the agreements are varied and precise. FLR contracts can be pages long  An abridged contract is not as formal but definitely to the point. A contract written by Mistress to her slave is personal and much appreciated by the willing slave.

The Slave Contract: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

The Contract In Draft For An Owned Sissy Slave

The slutsky is about to receive a custom-made contract. This will be an ownership, life-controlling document that he will abide by, So far he has passed go for the project. He will have to be successful for 90 days before I post it for all to read, and he had best not to disappoint me.

A FLR contract is coming up in the next post. All contracts will be posted under contracts on the Chastity Manual Page.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164