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November 2018
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Transgender Advisor Skype Sessions

Seeing You Girlie

Transgender advising is one of my most loved session choices. Yesterday I had the pleasure of advising a precious gurl whom I have been coaching sessions ago. Soon she will be a woman who underwent reassignment surgery. I love seeing transformations and passable trans gurls right on my screen discussing makeup brands, fashion, and sexuality. With this sharing comes links that I pass along such as voice coaching. Voice coaching is perhaps the most difficult achievement. The breasts can be hormoned and noogled. The adams apple can be removed (OUCH), the dicklet can be gaffed and removed. I think the voice is difficult, and if you disagree, please comment. What do you consider the most difficult for a TG?

Transgender Advisor Skype Sessions: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Transgender Advice For Your Feminine Perfection

My advice comes from being a girlie girl who loves clothes, makeup, shoes, and especially Femdom. What I like to teach is the empowerment of femininity, of the female gender being superior in many ways. In these days many women surpass bodily strength over many males with training and discipline. We also have the art of seduction under our belts, and sissies love this teaching. The art to seduce a male who wants to be seduced with no sorcery involved.

Let’s See What You Have

On Skype cam I teach you. At the end of our phone session I will send you links and vice versa of all the feminine things we have discussed. Of course your fetish is your session as well. If you are a sissy slut wanting to strut on cam, nice! It’s your cathartic experience I will provide. Transgender training is best on Skype to view your walk and style. your style is your girlie signature.

My Skype I.D.  violetwand1

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164



4 comments to Transgender Advisor Skype Sessions

  • I do indeed think the voice is one of the most challenging transformations to make, Ms. Cassandra. I do think shaving the adams apple will change the voice some, but learning how to speak softly and with a feminine lilt can take a lot of practice!

  • Marie

    Mistress Cassandra, I really enjoyed our session yesterday. Your input was right on the mark as I continue on my journey toward transwomanhood (I think that’s a word). I have a long way to go both physically, mentally, emotionally, and psychologically and you hit on all of those items yesterday. You are a true treasure and I am really thankful for your support!

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