Who Is Mistress Cassandra

It has been a while since I have written a post on who is Mistress Cassandra. I will talk about what I am doing here and who I am. My life experiences in the BDSM realm, My philosophy, beliefs, and passions. I have been on this service pretty much from the beginning and I am and I always will be a Femdom Female Supremacist. If you are bored, then get off of my page. As the saying goes, I do not suffer fools gladly. I am writing to the true submissive male. Let’s say you are a dominant male in need of a fantasy vacation. I will weave a story. Do not ask me to switch, do not ask me to submit. Never assume that I will fuck you or suck your cock. My way around that is to present to you my beautiful slave girl who will be directed to do so at my direction while I sip my wine and eat my grapes. You will be my throne as long as I aggressively control it and tell you how to do it.

Who Is Mistress Cassandra: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Junk Stores And D/s Clubs

At the young age of twenty-two years old, I moved to Los Angeles after graduating with a degree in fine arts. I found my way to the arts district renting a space in a warehouse with other painters.  I became immersed in mixed media constructions and studied welding to create metal sculptures. Much of my time was spent in junk stores finding throwaways and rusty metal barbed wire. It was time to find employment to satisfy my need for junk and creativity. In the corner of my studio space, I placed a found St. Andrew’s Cross and began to learn its magic.

The Dicktator

Who is Mistress Cassandra in her BDSM reality? It started with cock tease beginnings and hanging out with the boys in tomboy fashion. Slingshots, snowballs, and a demanding mean girl attitude. I imagined being Queen of the Nile until I finally became Queen of Denial. D/s parties at The Citadel and The Power Exchange in San Francisco were the true beginnings, with dominatrix mentors telling me I had what it takes for Femdom reality. I was then cast in stone as The Dicktator.

Cock Control And Female Superiority

The Dicktator does not mean dictator. I am not an autocrat. I control cocks in chastity for the slave’s need to belong. I love the drama of power and the brand that goes with it. If the slave shows catharsis then I have done my work. He has been molded into the slave his soul has always craved, and then he becomes fulfilled. Books of Female superiority have always been in my bookcase and they are often referred to. It’s my thing.

The D/s Learning Field Is Very Strong In Los Angeles, the City Of Drama, The City Of Mystery, The City Of Make Or Break

In Los Angeles, I grew exponentially as a Femdom. I attended many play clubs, discovered many mentors, and owned slaves of all kinds. My beauty proceeds me and my power was and still is invincible. Los Angeles was my training field and LDW provided the freedom I needed to keep learning and creating. Presently I live in Arizona, another city of mystery with red rocks and magical energy. I have D/s. friends in the area to amuse and serve me. As of late, I am building my body to maximum strength so I may be physically adept at holding down any boy that meets my approval. Every workout is a step in that direction.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-601-6975