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October 2018
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A Captivity Slave Escapes

The Worm Has Escaped!

The Worm Has Escaped!


As Ms Delia says “prisoners and criminals can never be trusted”. I found this meme suitable for the worm as it was so proud of it’s stripes. So the captivity slave worm, skipped out of town last Friday without one little word to Ms Delia and me! Shall I get my crystal ball out to see if the chastity cage was left behind as well. We all know how it goes when stroking here and there begins to happen. Cumming always follows and plenty of it! A Mistress can always tell when a boy has slipped. Missed blog comments, absent on email and yahoo messenger, yawning on the call (yes believe it or not), and then disappearance. When you hear the yawning you know the cumfest has already begun.

Just Another Ruined Orgasm

Speaking of stroker boys. 28 day boy got over his “cumming depression” very quickly. Unfortunately today, that one extra stroke made for a ruined orgasm. This means that since he came last time, and had a ruined today, time will be added till the next one. thirty five should be a good number!

Sensory Deprivation

Yesterday I spent 90 minutes in a floatation pod, a form of sensory deprivation floating in water and epsom salts. The pod closes to pitch blackness or pastel lights, whichever one prefers. You may have Monroe Institute theta music if you like, or none at all. The first 30 min or so was with lights and music, then the rest of the time was nothing. You enter a deep meditation and go into the cave. It’s no wonder slaves experience deep catharsis while in sensory deprivation and suspension. After I sat at the oxygen bar and took 12 min of cleansing oxygen. I’ll be going back on Sunday for session 2. I was so relaxed after I left I managed to drive home in traffic giving the finger to only one L.A. driver! Awesome 🙂

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