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I’m always impressed with an Englishman/gurl. Yesterday I saw efie the pantyhose slut on instant messenger and decided to chime in to see how this little sissy bitch was doing. Her accident last year had me worried and I try to check in to see how she is improving, and with physical therapy, she is slowly getting better. Broken bones are not only trauma to the body but to the psyche as well. We had a good chat, and as always I couldnt resist humiliating the little sissy slut because she is so easy and so amusing. After I said goodbye to her she sent a $50.00 Amazon gift card to my email just for giving her attention. Pure class, I had no expectations for this which was a total surprise. I love surprises like this just for being kind to my boys. In my own cruel way, I love my boys/bois. As the bard said, one must be cruel only to be kind….

There is a reason why I put this picture in the blog. Not only have I had a steady flow of Giantess calls but boys have been wanting leg worship, ass worship, face sitting and all around body worship. Bring it on and call me because as you see, I have it all. Oh…tiny bill? I just love blowing you out of my ass…lol 🙂

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