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Advanced Cum Eating Made Easy

Advanced cum eating: a primer? That could be the shortest book written because 95% of cum eaters fail at the end of the call. Most just hang up the phone but not in a heavy handed way. Hung up in a gentle and quiet way as if to say “I’m sorry Mistress”. I did have one boy today who actually had some raw oysters and a silver platter for the occasion.

Advanced Cum Eating: A Primer Ms Cassandra :1-800-730-7164

Cum For All Occasions

This cum eating boy is a boy of Ms Erika’s who was left in my care while she takes a little vacation. No panties or sissy proclivities, but there is a great deal of faggy boy cocksucking for sure. With a flair for the dramatic, and the ability to cum a few times, this makes him a very fun cum eating caller. Such enthusiasm I have to add, which will all lead to the very last agreement: Always Do Your Best.

The Slippery Sensation Of Cum And Oysters Slipping Down Your Throat

Advanced cum eating is just a fun way to say that he is an expert cum eater with lots of other kink included in the call. I imagined him in a tuxedo minus the pants, but the boy stockings and executive shoes. Holding a champagne glass made of fine crystal while the platter of raw oysters awaits the much anticipated load, he was teased and denied for a fair amount of time until final delivery.

The Fourth Agreement

Decadent it was as the silver tray was described, and “always do your best”was inevitable.Β  This brings me to having fun in your kink. Do not agree to hard core BDSM if you are not inclined. Do not crossdress if sissies make you sick, negotiation always. The old saying “ya gotta wanna” and the D/s motto goes as such: Safe, Sane and Consensual.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164