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November 2018
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Splooge Boy Tom Loves To Eat That Cum

What Is A Splooge Boy?

Splooge boy meaning, in case you want to know, is really easy to figure out. Splooge is cum, and a splooge boy cums, eats it, jerks off quite a bit, may work in a glory hole with a pail and mop, and has anything to do with stroking his . . . → Read More: Splooge Boy Tom Loves To Eat That Cum

Coached Cum Eating For Beginners

Coached Cum Eating Is An Acquired Taste

Coached cum eating is an acquired taste, pun intended. If you have never eaten your cum and repel at the thought, then this post is for you. Start out slow and start out with sweet or salty pre-cum. The problem with that is sometimes your lube may . . . → Read More: Coached Cum Eating For Beginners

Advanced Cum Eating: A Primer

Advanced Cum Eating Made Easy

Advanced cum eating: a primer? That could be the shortest book written because 95% of cum eaters fail at the end of the call. Most just hang up the phone but not in a heavy handed way. Hung up in a gentle and quiet way as if to say . . . → Read More: Advanced Cum Eating: A Primer

Cum Eating Is Nice With Spice

Cum Eating With Tasty Extras

Cum eating has become quite a kinky fad as of late as it should be. It is a dose of humiliation with a cock stroking session finale. It is also a means of bargaining, I will let you cum but only if you eat your cum. Then some truly . . . → Read More: Cum Eating Is Nice With Spice

Truck Stop BJ Boys

Sissies, Trannies, and Truckers

Top of the list fun callers: trucker sissies picking up trannies at truck stops. They don’t have to be trannies either. They can be real men truckers having pancakes and coffee just wanting a blow job. Trannies are top shelf because they are the ones waiting outside the restroom . . . → Read More: Truck Stop BJ Boys

Drink Your Cum Audio



Your new audio tease is all about cum eating of course. I think I will do a series on these. Did you know there is a cocktail called the “screaming orgasm” ? I can have fun with these!

Audio in text:

You have heard of the drink mudslide? This . . . → Read More: Drink Your Cum Audio

Sissy Cum Eaters

Legs Forever

Cum Eating Audio Anyone?

It’s about time for a cum eating audio. I will be featuring the joys of cumeating while the cum eater is dressed totally sissy in the most frilly of pink ruffled regalia. Pink tights, pink mary janes, lots of billowing crinolin that makes the swishy sound as . . . → Read More: Sissy Cum Eaters

The Cum Eating Season


Cum Eating Seasonal?

It’s that time again where cum eating sessions are at the peak! Is it seasonal? Not according to Chinese medicine. Autumn is ruled by the sweet taste, pumpkins and sweet potatoes are part of the harvest. I would imagine most cum is salty which would mean that winter is . . . → Read More: The Cum Eating Season

Cum For Breakfast


Cum Eating Video

After my hike this morning, I turned on the computer to check emails and found a video from blow job duty boy. Not a long video but long enough to view the slut licking up his cum off of a plate. Since he jerks off all of the time . . . → Read More: Cum For Breakfast

The Earned Orgasm

To Earn That Orgasm, A Cum Eating Demand!

It has been so long since you have cum and today is the day, BUT……after the ten edges that I demand, you will have to get athletic and prop those legs up and be a good little cum eater for me. Next time we can . . . → Read More: The Earned Orgasm