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November 2018
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CBT: The Brave Gentleman’s Game

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CBT For You and Me

My CBT boy called today for a bit of pain and torment. He hasn’t been allowed to cum to date, so today I granted him his reward. He was a good boy and purchased a butt plug upon my request. This time I would like him to order a cock ring of his liking because I’m tired of using the shoelace. The old fashioned leather adjustable cock ring will more than do, so there is my order. Today we covered the cock with 13 clothes pins, and 2 on the nipples. Several pins were taken off and applied to the balls. After much stimulation with the vibrator and up and down pogoing on the plug, all pins were slapped off with a spatula. Then the tease and denial until I decided he deserved a little reward.

Sissy at the Spa

Sissy vanessa had her day at the spa. The report was short as she was pressed for time. Her attendant was hot, and I can’t wait to hear the rest. I’m sure the blazing hot pink pubic hairs went over really big under that sheer little panty, not to mention the pico chastity device. When she got home we put her back into more comfortable device. I saw the pink capris that she was going in, very cute. Such a brave gurl.

New Additions to Cassandra’s Playground

Cassandra’s playground is having instructional videos added and I’m animated. Audios are much like the Ms Ashton of orgasm denial forum. Since her Yes or No Cumming audios were taken down, his geekiness made some for me. This means on calls, I can send you to this site to see if you get to cum. The implementation for selecting which video is inserted into the page is such that any given user (ip address) will see the same video for a 24hr period and then move to another the following day. However, different users will see different selection on any given day. This is great for lone strokers, who can do it every 24 hours. if you are under my training, it won’t be allowed…one big NO you cannot do it again tomorrow thing. So, it not only has the slot game but also will have other games including good old dice.

Chastity Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


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