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November 2018
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Guiding Matt’s Masturbation

Weekend Fun

It’s always great having Matt around for a weekend. Since his work has ended in Phoenix, he does not plan on returning to Los Angeles. He will be staying in Az but move much closer to me. We plan on visiting L.A. for munches and play parties. Something very sparse in . . . → Read More: Guiding Matt’s Masturbation

Day 26 How Are Your Dicks?

The Silver Tipped Acrylic Cane

Yes Some Women ARE Dominant

I was describing to this boy eddie boston my favorite toy, the silver tipped acrylic cane. Here it is laying next to me, happy as a cane should be. Yes this cane turns me on, yes I am a natural femdom, and no . . . → Read More: Day 26 How Are Your Dicks?

Day 10 Of Your Stroke To An Edge

My Shoes

10 Strokes For You Today

It is now day ten of your stroking challenge. Each day a new edge is added and it proves endurance and your devotion to me if you are of service to me. If you want to be of service to me, these are the little tests . . . → Read More: Day 10 Of Your Stroke To An Edge

Marathoning Your Cock

Cock Radio Marathon

So what are you doing on June 6th for 12 hours? check the details hereĀ . This is gonna be fun. I will pop in for at least two hours, but no, I won’t be a cock jockey at least not this time around. Who will be the cock jocks? I . . . → Read More: Marathoning Your Cock

Chastity Stroking Games Update

Proctor Beta 2

The Beta2 Is Here

Proctor beta 2 is here. Check it out and read everything under the program, there is an App for everything they say. The Geek says:

“In observing the leaderboard, I noticed that the boys (even though they were told to follow directions) are not. To “graduate” . . . → Read More: Chastity Stroking Games Update

Teased, Denied, Cried

Ready For Tease?

Like a little butter with that cheesecake photo of me ? Lol.. Anyways, this is my favorite photo for tease and denial calls because of the direct gaze. Don’t you dare go over that edge! If you leave the decision up to me and I say no, do not get . . . → Read More: Teased, Denied, Cried

Dick Sculpture With Candle Play

…And you said chastity training please?

Hot Wax For Your Dick

I haven’t talked about candle play to enhance cock control lately, and so I shall. Last night I enjoyed a creative call with a stroker boy whom I train frequently. Always looking for new things to do, I have just invented a . . . → Read More: Dick Sculpture With Candle Play

A New Game For Chastity Stroker Boys

Sometimes a busy Chastity Mistress with many slaves clamoring for attention just doesn’t have time to properly monitor and motivate them all. So to assist me keeping my stable of submissive boys out of mischief, I’ve instructed “the geek” to program a new game called “The Proctor”.

This one-of-a-kind creation will keep my . . . → Read More: A New Game For Chastity Stroker Boys

Cock Control Dice Roll Game

Roll The Dice, Stroke The Cock

Are you feeling lucky today boy? This is going to be a feature I will be using a lot if you leave the decision to cum or not to cum up to me. Visit my playground and give them a toss, let me know how you did. . . . → Read More: Cock Control Dice Roll Game

Strokin’ Dice Games And A Free 10 Minute Call!

Free 10 Min Calls!

Want a free 10 minute call? Purchase a 20 minute call or longer between 5pm EST on Sunday (today) and 5am EST on Monday and receive a 10 minute credit! The credit can either be applied to today’s call, or used for a future call. You MUST mention the . . . → Read More: Strokin’ Dice Games And A Free 10 Minute Call!