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October 2018
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Coached Cum Eating For Beginners

Coached Cum Eating Is An Acquired Taste

Coached cum eating is an acquired taste, pun intended. If you have never eaten your cum and repel at the thought, then this post is for you. Start out slow and start out with sweet or salty pre-cum. The problem with that is sometimes your lube may mask the taste, so try to dry stroke. Dry stroking is not for everyone so if you use lube, make sure it is unflavored. Coconut oil is my favorite lube, and if you are new to it get “extra virgin” hahaha.

Coached Cum Eating For Beginners: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


Tiny Little Steps

On that very first virgin voyage call, we may just have you eat a very small amount. Don’t hang up! Just be open minded and try it. You contacted me because of this so just be impeccable. Try! You may ask Tom who is a cum eater and a cock control stroker in the comment section for cum eating tips. On my last post he used oysters. I’m getting to food.

A Tasty Menu

Coached cum eating with food. Strawberry cum cake is a favorite with many. This is for beginners as the taste is nicely masked. A sweet biscuit for the bottom, sweet frozen strawberries, whipped cream and cum from an intense tease and please call. The whipped cream goes on last remember. The trick is to keep on the phone and add the whipped cream and begin to eat.

Eclair Or Hot Dog?

Another beginner menu is an eclair. An eclair of course is as long as your dick unless not. Small penis humiliation can be integrated in the call. An eclair is messy and you also must squirt while stroking the eclair out. The taste of cum will be masked nicely. Prefer a more savory dish? A hot dog with bun will satisfy. Cooled down to room temperature and split grilled on a toasted bun with condiments of choice will definitely satisfy! Bon appetit!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

16 comments to Coached Cum Eating For Beginners

  • D

    Cum is eating is an acquired taste. The taste and flavor of cum. You mistress’ say it all the time. Ironically many of the same who oppose or are afraid of how cum tastes drink tequila without a thought and tequila tastes horrible. That is what the lime and salt is for. So maybe? Have salt on hand and a lime to bite into afterwards. Good for cum drinking too!
    I had no choice on my first call to LDW thanks to Violet. She MADE me to eat my own cum! I took it directly into my mouth and now eat, lick and drink my own cum.
    I love cum and love all the ways you Mistress’ make me eat it!
    Long live cum eating!

  • It is a good post on the topic of cum eating. What caught my eye first was your display of pink pain pins arranged to spell “CASS”. Nice touch! I agree with you on the importance of not chickening out and hanging up. That is a sure way to miss out on the excitement and self satisfaction of eating your own cum. Your Tom is a wonderfully eager jizz eater.

  • Mistress Amber

    I love this blog because it offers so many good ideas on cum eating, Miss Cassandra! I think that when you offer actual applications and scenarios, it’s so much better because it gets people excited and stirs them up to try. I hope that you’ve recruited many new sluts with this!

  • Ecock

    Dear Mistress,
    There are those who need to save as much cum as they can in the freezer so they can get a lot in one dumping. hehe Do know if that is for beginners though.

  • GirlieFF

    Mistress Cassandra,
    While I appreciate the baby steps advice, my recommendation is to just go for it. The first time is a bit unnerving with the recoil of sexual feelings and all. But, when you put your mind to something, you can do it. Now I have no reservations. I’ve become a connoisseur. I definitely prefer someone ELSE’S tasty cum, but, I do like enjoying my own from time to time.

    Happy tasting fellow load swallowers.

  • Tom

    Miss Cassandra, Yum, Yum, Yum. And don’t forget a fresh juicy peach split in two and the pit removed. Two perfect places for his cum and the look will remind the virgin cum eater of something else! Thank you for looking after me while my Head Mistress is away. Tom

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