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October 2018
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Cocklocked and Titted


Chastity Training Coming For Fuckie

Those are the words of fuckie fag boi who just received his metal cage in the mail today. Unfortunately they did not include the pin which is necessary, so that had been re-ordered and to be sent express mail. This weekend fuckie will be back in chastity training starting off very light. Now the “titted” part is simply the fag’s breasts growing from the noogling. Today on call the slut wore a virginal white sheer bra with velcro sewn in for a bit of nipple torture.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Meet B-J Barbie

Speaking of sissies, I love talking with “bj-barbie” for the sheer fact that I am laughing and having fun during the whole call. The imagination and role play in this call is very creative. bj barbie comes over for a few drinks after a hard day at work, and my bartender friend has just come back from New Orleans with a new recipe for a Zombie. Some extra ingredients bought from the shop of famous voodoo queen Marie Laveau. Bj-barbie comes over often and leaves without a memory.

Barbie Sez…Fuck My Face, It’s No Disgrace

She then is escorted to the bedroom to disrobe and then wear slutty sorority girl garb. The t-shirt announces her name, bj-barbie. After dressed in mini, thigh highs, t, double d cup bra under, wig, ribbons, maryjanes and magic lipstick, she jumps up and down with a cheer “fuck my face, it’s no disgrace”. At this point I am laughing, applying her “magic” lipstick preparing her for company. As I describe the men she will serve, being bondaged up on the coffee table, there is the click. It’s obvious giving sissy blowjobs, eating cum, and being a humiliated bukkake slut is just a fleeting fantasy.

Chastity Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

1 comment to Cocklocked and Titted

  • thank you for the mention Mistress. yes, that velcro in the bra is a killer! especially the way you made me tweak and rub my nipples, it was like rubbing sandpaper on them why on earth did I suggest that to You?

    it’s a real nuisance that the locking pins did not arrive, because Your cock feels like it is going to explode the way You now laugh at me, teasing and humiliating me mercilessly for having tits like a girl.
    but, hopefully, it will be all locked up this week-end.

    fuckie fagboi

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