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November 2018
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A Sissy Fag Instructional Course

A Sissy Fag Course For Newbies

A sissy fag in sissy school says I have an MP3 “A sissy fag instructional course” . I don’t recall putting one up but it could have been long ago. It did spark my interest though. It may also spark a series of weekly audios, much like what . . . → Read More: A Sissy Fag Instructional Course

In The Closet Sissy Audio


In the closet and somewhere to go! Finally. Give a listen to my new erotic audio geared for the scaredy cat sissy who will soon be out!

So, in the closet sissy…we have to make you an out of the closet gurl. I can definitely help you with that! . . . → Read More: In The Closet Sissy Audio

Feminization Tattoos: The Devoted Sissy

Get Inked and Show Your Devotion!

Feminization tattoos seem to be an ongoing obsession with many sissies. Some will go the length, but often it is just a dream, the desire to be tattooed, branded or scarified for Mistress. A gurl wrote this in my comments and it inspired this post:

“It’s been a . . . → Read More: Feminization Tattoos: The Devoted Sissy

How To Be A Sissy Slut In A Few Steps

Hey sissy slut! Here is my weekly audio just for you!


I would begin with clothes make the gurl. Slutty clothes are plentiful in thrift stores where so many sissies donate because so many sissies purge. Their loss is your gain! I’m hoping . . . → Read More: How To Be A Sissy Slut In A Few Steps

Feminization Inventory For Sissy

Feminization inventory needs goals to achieve the pinnacle of sissydom, so FFB puts her goals on paper and follows them daily:

Mistress this is my T-Shirt replacement plan. On the left are all the male t-shirts that I own. all of them will be donated to Goodwill, and then I will only be allowed . . . → Read More: Feminization Inventory For Sissy

Sissification And Chastity Training

Sissies In Cages

Sissification is nothing new on this blog, nor is chastity training. I have challenged sissies ages ago into the cage, but often enough they rejected the challenge. Not so much anymore because they realized too much time was spent jerking off in pink nylon panties. I get it, the fetish is . . . → Read More: Sissification And Chastity Training

Add A Fetish

The Ill Fitting Cock Cage

What happens when an ill fitting chastity cage rubs you the wrong way, as in chafes an area around the balls? Unless you love CBT in a big way, you naturally take it off so it heals and you make plans for a better fitting cage. Dicks are . . . → Read More: Add A Fetish

Speech Lab For Sissies

A Sissie’s Work

Get Your Girlie Voices On

So you want a high girlie voice sissy? Listen up, my little girlie boi researcher has been busy researching the higher pitch and she has found an article from nyspeechandvoicelab with all kinds of exercises to get girlie. The feminine voice is one octave higher, . . . → Read More: Speech Lab For Sissies

Day 26 How Are Your Dicks?

The Silver Tipped Acrylic Cane

Yes Some Women ARE Dominant

I was describing to this boy eddie boston my favorite toy, the silver tipped acrylic cane. Here it is laying next to me, happy as a cane should be. Yes this cane turns me on, yes I am a natural femdom, and no . . . → Read More: Day 26 How Are Your Dicks?

Sissie’s Outing Purse

Lovely New Shoes

First Shop For The Purse

I’ve been thinking of the contents of a pink pouffy sissy purse carried around by obvious panty waist bois. Obviously it has to be in pink with maybe a floral print, a silver or gold chain strap, and sizable enough to carry a sissie’s goods. . . . → Read More: Sissie’s Outing Purse