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October 2018
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Day 10 Of Your Stroke To An Edge

My Shoes

My Shoes

10 Strokes For You Today

It is now day ten of your stroking challenge. Each day a new edge is added and it proves endurance and your devotion to me if you are of service to me. If you want to be of service to me, these are the little tests and trials you go through. You may say ho hum, I am bored. This means you are not in the submissive mindset. Think about this. Do you consider yourself a submissive or just a weekend warrior. Thirty four days out of cage should be pleasurable and happy cock stroking during the edge time. Occupy yourself the other times and stop thinking about dick, as hard as it is. Take that one any way you like!

Looking Forward To Fireworks

Matt is in the chastity cage for this duration. For the 4th of July, we were planning on going up to Santa Barbara for their spectacular fireworks but the massive oil spill has put a damper on these plans. I won’t comment further on this issue. Instead, we will go to Hollywood Bowl for the event. Hopefully the event won’t have to compete with the intrusive helicopters that infest this area. After the event we will have champagne for Matt’s release from chastity. He will have had thirty four days of orgasm denial just like you may decide to have. Going from thirty edges on the last day of June to a four day fast and then a final blast won’t exactly shock the system. On the fifth, it will be business as usual!

OMG…try this hot chchchocolate recipe…I’m flying!

Mayan Hot Chocolate

2 cups water
1 whole cinnamon stick
1/2 whole vanilla bean cut in half
2 Tbsp powdered cacao (Mayan superfood)
1 1/2 Tbsp honey
pinch of dried red chili

Boil cinnamon stick in water med heat for 5-10 min, remove. Add vanilla bean cook at low heat 5 min. Add honey and cacao, remove from heat and wisk. Add a pinch of chili. Drink and enjoy.


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8 comments to Day 10 Of Your Stroke To An Edge

  • I love that you included a recipe in your phone sex blog! HA! I included a jambalaya recipe in my first phone sex blog! We are nothing if not multi-fasceted! I’ve saved this hot chocolate recipe because while I don’t want to drink it in the summer I will enjoy it in the cold winter weather here in the great white north. All that said, have a FANTASTIC 4th of July with you chastity pet … I know he will since he is going to be released from chastity! How FUN!

  • Mistress Amber

    My cuckold is in chastity alot, and actually has to earn his masturbation. He certainly *wishes* that he could just reach down into his panties to play with that little subby prick! That hot chocolate recipe looks delish! Writing it down right now. I’ll have my sweet cuck make it for me. Can’t wait!

  • Pool boy

    Wish I stroke and edge for You each day, but alas You have me locked up again while I’m on the road and can’t. Starting my journey to 200 days!

  • Ms. Cassandra, I am not sure what the hot chocolate recipe has to do with chastity, but it made my mouth water!

    YUM! And YUM to 34 days of chastity for Matt and any other of your blog readers who take on that challenge! I may have to get Jack to push his limits a bit and challenge him to that! Thanks for such a fun post. I see chastity and chocolate in my future 🙂

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